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Everyday, Everywhere will only change for the better with a given Global mindset - .delivery Worldwide!

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Next-day delivery, a delivery service that allows you to have goods delivered the day after they're collected by the courier... Next-day delivery means that senders can have items delivered to their customers more quickly than with a standard 2 or 3-day service. and by and NextWorkingDay™

Making Things Happen in the 21st century! |

The NextDay portfolio with, and is for sale which includes the UK registered Limited companies as below and additional 'nextday' domains to protect the brand.

NextDay Ltd

Registered in England & Wales: 5810391

Next Day Delivery Ltd

Registered in England & Wales: 11266734


A few of the NextDay domains included to protect the 'corporate brand' include... | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

BlockChain Domains from NextDay

nd.1 | nextday.1 | nd.onlinenews | nextday.txt | nextday.visit |

Other associated NextDay related domains could be included in the portfolio, please enquire.


To further strengthen and encase the NextDay group of domains we have created a small portfolio of NextDayWorld domains which include and plus the three international NextDayWorld domains as shown below included for sale with the NextDay portfolio.


Worldwide internet architecture by NextDay and NextWorkingDay....

Worldwide Logistics: Calendar day & delivery from BigTagDomains and calendar delivery, 12 months in a year delivering daily |


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Also available 'for sale' are the following corporate domain portfolios:

Forbes Technology Council


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Portfolio for sale by NextWorkingDay Ltd, UK

Last updated: 01st August 2022